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International Price Schedule

General Information

Price Information

• The scheduled product prices of Chevron Marine Lubricants ("CML") are listed herein. This Chevron Marine Lubricants International Price Schedule should be read in conjunction with your Chevron Marine Lubricants Sales Agreement ("MLSA") and Chevron's Terms of Sale for Marine Lubricants in force from time to time ("Terms of Sale"). All supplies of CML are, unless otherwise agreed in writing, governed by the terms and conditions set out in this Marine LubricantsInternational Price Schedule, your MLSA and the Terms of Sale.

• Prices listed are for deliveries in bulk and include free delivery on the dock alongside the vessel at an accessible wharf to CML's delivery equipment during normal business hours and in accordance with the notice and minimum quantity requirements shown on the Chevron Marine Lubricants website's World Port Directory (http://www.chevronmarineproducts.com/lubricants-ports/) ("the website").

• Prices of any product not listed will be supplied upon request.

• Scheduled prices are subject to change at any time. For confirmation of current prices, please contact your CML representative.

Ordering Procedure

To obtain CML products, customers should place orders with their local CML office. It is important and cost-effective that as much advance notice as possible is given so that all arrangements can be made for a prompt and efficient delivery. Lead times for ports are contained on the website.All orders should include the following information:

1. Full name of vessel

2. Full name of customer (owner/operator)

3. Port of supply

4. Vessel's Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

5. Vessel's Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

6. Requested date of delivery (refer to "Working Days' Notice")

7. Local agent contact details at delivery port

8. Products, packages (bulk, drum or pail) and quantities required

9. Next port of call


CML products are normally available at the ports listed in the port directory. While every effort is made to maintain adequate stock, shortages can be

experienced. Availability at each port shown may be subject to change. Up-to-date information is available from your Chevron account manager.

Products ordered may be supplied under any one of our family of brands (i.e., Texaco, Chevron or Caltex).

Working Days' Notice

Customers should place their orders as far in advance as possible. The minimum number of days' notice required for each port is shown on the website. Deliveries required on short notice, are subject to availability and will attract additional charges. For deliveries made with less than the published lead time, an Express Delivery Charge of 250 U.S. Dollars (USD) or actual extra costs, whichever is greater, will be billed to the customer's account. Working Days' Notice commences on the first business hour at either your local Chevron office or the delivery port, whichever is later. This means that day 1 will commence when either the local office or delivery port opens for business.

Health and Safety

For specific health and safety information on individual CML products, please refer to the Safety Data Sheets. These publications are available from your Chevron account manager.


The protection of the environment in which we live and work is of the utmost importance. International, national and local laws may restrict how and when deliveries can be made. In the event extra charges (such as boom charges) are incurred when complying with pollution control regulations, the expenses will be billed to the customer's account.

Technical Service

CML representatives throughout the world provide assistance to CML lubricated ships to ensure proper handling and use of our products. CML representatives are supported by research and field technical professionals who provide complete analytical and technical services.

Condition Monitoring Services

We offer an industry-leading combination of used oil analysis services that can be built into any Condition Based Monitoring system used onboard to improve operational reliability.

FAST is a comprehensive program to monitor the condition of the lubricants in use on each ship supplied by CML. The price of the service covers the provision of sample kits and mailing packs and the routine analysis of samples at Chevron's laboratory located at its Marine Technology center in Ghent, Belgium. Additional or specialized analysis may be performed at extra cost.

The DOT.FAST Service is a unique tool to monitor combustion and cylinder conditions of slow-speed engines by a combination of onboard and onshore drip oil analysis. Subscribers receive a DOT.FAST Drip Oil Analyzer, along with everything that is needed to prepare and test samples onboard, and to record, process and interpret results for a contractually agreed period. Additionally, a full set of drip oil samples may be sent for analysis to our laboratory once every two months during that period. For both services, the reporting of laboratory results is fully computerized to provide fast, reliable and detailed reports on each piece of machinery. Users can receive their FAST oil analysis reports either via email or by logging into the enhanced FAST online portal.

Bulk Bulk delivery capabilities are described in the website. Bulk deliveries can be made at many ports via barge or tank truck. Deliveries in bulk are subject to product and equipment availability and dock regulations in effect on the actual delivery date. Please refer to the website for minimum quantities required to qualify as a bulk delivery by port. If for any reason a bulk delivery is not possible, delivery may be in drums.

Pumping from Drums

Pumping from drums is available at some ports. Product pumped from drums does not constitute a bulk delivery. The fee for pumping from drums is billed to the customer's account and is in addition to the container differential for drums.

Container Differentials

For deliveries in drums or smaller packages, the container differentials listed below will automatically be added to the prices shown for bulk deliveries:

• Drum: 50 USD per drum

• Pail: 13 USD per pail

• Other container sizes (cases, etc.): 64 USD per unit

Small Delivery Charge

For single deliveries of less than 8 drums or 1600 Liters, a Small Delivery Charge of 250 USD will apply.

Non-Listed Ports

CML products are often available at ports not listed in this document. Product prices and delivery charges provided upon request.

Additional Charges

We will endeavor to keep extra charges to a minimum. However, deliveries may be subject to additional charges if, for example:

• A vessel is at a location requiring extra manpower or equipment to effect the delivery

• A delivery is required to be made by barge due to the vessel being at an anchorage or pier that is inaccessible by truck

• Port regulations require the use of oil booms or other pollution control equipment

• Deliveries are required outside of our regular delivery area and/or outside of normal operating hours (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

The charges indicated in this document are subject to change without advance notice.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

• All prices are quoted ex-tax and ex-duty. All taxes, duties, local custom fees, etc. applicable to any given delivery will be billed to the customer's account.

• The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that all state and local requirements for tax exemption are met and that the customer's agent or representative files proper tax exemption certificates.


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