Hóa chất HÓA CHẤT Corrosion Inhibitor additive - BS 6580

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Corrosion Inhibitor additive - BS 6580 is a nitrite-, amine-, silicate-, borate- and phosphate-free ethylene glycol based inhibitor concentrate. When blended with ethylene glycol and water as described below, it will function both as antifreeze and engine coolant and impart excellent corrosion protection to all cooling system metals and alloys used in internal combustion engines. 

Blending engine coolant concentrates from Corrosion Inhibitor BS 6580 

Engine coolant concentrates that meet the requirements of British Standard BS 6580:2010 and ASTM D 3306 can be blended by mixing the following liquids in the specified ratio at ambient temperature:

Corrosion Inhibitor BS 6580     6.0 %     by weight 

Ethylene glycol, technical grade             94.0 %    by weight 

The completion of the blending process can be controlled by checking samples from the bottom and the top of the tank or mixing reactor. 

Ready-to-use coolant 

When blending a ready-to-use coolant (i.e. an aqueous solution of above described engine coolant concentrate) the following recommendations apply: 

- For a ready-to-use coolant with good corrosion protection it is recommended to use at least 30 % by volume of engine coolant concentrate. 

- For a coolant with optimum corrosion protection a 50 % by volume solution is recommended. 

- For a coolant with maximum frost protection a 60 % by volume solution can be blended. 

- Aqueous solutions with concentrations higher than 60 % by volume are not recommended as heat transfer properties might be insufficient.



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