Dầu nhờn MOBIL Hàng hải Dầu máy nén khí Mobil Rarus™ 827

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Mobil Rarus™ 827

Optimum-performance oil for reciprocating air compressors 

Helps lower the total lifetime cost of lubrication.

Mobil Rarus™ 827 is an ultra-high performance synthetic oil for use in severe-duty reciprocating air compressors. The product's outstanding oxidation and thermal stability help to make it an ideal oil for use in applications where high temperatures are encountered and extended oil drains are desired. It is recommended for units with a history of excess oil degradation, poor valve performance or deposit formation. 

Offers advantages that mineral oils cannot match.

Compact design trends, extreme temperatures, and higher power output rates force modern reciprocating air compressors to operate under increasingly severe conditions. Mobil Rarus 827, part of the premium Mobil SHC™ Series of scientifically engineered synthetic-performance oils, is particularly suited for severe service where other products are not meeting expectations.

Designed to enable overall problem-free operation, lower maintenance costs, and a safe working environment, Mobil Rarus 827 offers performance advantages that mineral oils cannot match. 

Cleaner air compressors, lower deposits, less maintenance.

Formulated with an advanced base oil and a proprietary additive system that ensures exceptional resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation far better than mineral oils, Mobil Rarus 827 provides outstanding protection and reliability. Its exceptional cleanliness and stability characteristics at high temperatures reduce problems with deposit formation and allow for extended oil-drain intervals, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. 

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