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Introducing Mobilgard 560 VS 

In an industry faced with challenging economics and increasing regulations, there are few constants - and none more reliable than the proven superiority of MobilGard marine lubricant technology. MobilGard technology has delivered results in ships for more than 60 years. New Mobilgard 560 VS has been designed to provide outstanding performance for slow-speed engines burning fuel with sulphur levels in the 0.5 percent to 4 percent range. This new cylinder oil technology is specially engineered to minimise wear and deposits in engines operating in severe operating conditions that include slow steaming and low feed rates.


Helps extend the life of your ship's engine

ExxonMobil researchers designed Mobilgard 560 VS using hand-picked, high-quality heavy neutral base oils and proprietary additives that deliver the highest level of performance. These carefully selected components are optimised and properly balanced to create an advanced formulation that can help extend the life of your engine's pistons, piston rings, and cylinder liners. 

Outstanding engine wear protection

Keeping your business moving requires optimum performance from your fleet's engines. That means protecting them from scuffing and wear — problems that may lead to fatigue and fragmentation of critical cylinder components. Mobilgard™ 560 VS minimises wear by providing high oil film thickness, low volatility, and special load carrying additives for excellent boundary lubrication. Whilst fuel sulphur levels have reduced worldwide, there still may be locations where the fuel you purchase could exceed the 3.5 percent limit. Mobilgard 560 VS provides an extra margin of safety as it is designed and tested to operate in engines burning fuels containing up to 4 percent sulphur. 

Mobilgard 560 VS can help you safely extend piston overhaul intervals and the life of your engine's cylinder liners and rings. The oil, used in conjunction with the new MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring Programme, will give your shipping company an engineered advantage that could potentially translate into significant savings. 

Cleaner pistons

Cylinder oils need to work with the toughest quality fuels. New Mobilgard 560 VS is formulated to provide excellent cleanliness, as the photos at right show. Fewer deposits mean less wear.

Ultra-low feed rate capability

Mobilgard 560 VS's proprietary formulation provides optimal pis-ton deposit and wear control and neutralisation/anti-corrosion performance for engines burning both low and high sulphur fuels. Testing has proven that Mobilgard 560 VS (60 BN) outperforms most 70 BN cylinder oils at equivalent feed rates. Paired with the new MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring Programme, Mobilgard 560 VS offers ultra-low cylinder oil feed rate operation - up to 25 percent below OEM recommended levels - with extremely low wear rates.

A single high-performance solution

With freight rates under pressure, engine designs constantly changing, and emissions regulations ever tightening, the need for a cylinder oil formulated to deliver outstanding performance under tough operating conditions and at both high- and low-sulphur levels has never been greater. Mobilgard 560 VS delivers a single solution that helps reduce wear, extend engine life, and ensure optimal reliability. 


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