Dầu nhờn MOBIL Công nghiệp Mobilube HD 80W-140

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High Performance Commercial Gear Lubricant

Product Description

Mobilube HD 80W-140 is a heavy-duty gear lubricant formulated from high performance base oils and an advanced additive system. This lubricant is engineered for commercial axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading are expected. It provides excellent performance where API GL-5 service is required.

Features and Benefits

Today's heavy equipment applications place higher performance demands on drive-train lubricants. Higher speeds, higher torque, and heavier loads require improved formulations to maximize equipment life and minimize operating costs. Longer service intervals place additional demands on the gear lubricant requiring effective basestock and additive systems. Mobilube HD 80W-140 is engineered to meet these challenges.


  • Heavy-duty axles and final drives requiring API GL-5 level performance
  • On-highway heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Off-highway industries including: construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture
  • Other heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications involving hypoid gears operating under conditions where
  • high speed/shock load, high speed/low torque, and/or low speed/high torque prevail

Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. MSDS's are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet. This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.

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