Hóa chất HÓA CHẤT Protectol® GA types

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Protectol® GA types 

Chemical name                                 1,5-pentanedial 

Chemical information                       Molecular formula         C5H8O2

                                                               Molar mass                    100.1 g/mol

                                                               CAS-No.                           111-30-8

                                                               EINECS-No.                   203-856-3 

PRD-Nos.*                                           30059034 Protectol® GA 24

                                                              30136889 Protectol® GA 50

                                                              * BASF's commercial product numbers

Storage and stability 

Bulk (and other packaging types) 

The Protectol® GA types have a helf life of up to 12 months when stored in tightly sealed containers below 25 °C.

Moreover it is possible to improve storage stability of partial packages by careful reclosure and previous overlay with inert gas.

Do not store at temperatures above 40 °C. 

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