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Breox 75 W 18000

Chemical composition
Diol started random propylene oxide/ethylene oxide copolymer

Physical form: Colorless to slightly yellow liquid

Quality control: The above-listed data represent average values at the time of going to press of this Technical Information. They are intended as a guide to facilitate handling and cannot be regarded as specified data. Specified product data are issued as a separate product specification.

- Breox 75 W 18000 is a high performance water soluble polyalkylene glycol lubricant basefluid with a viscosity of 18000 mm2/s at 40°C.
- Breox 75 W 18000 shows high thermal and high shear stability.
- The high viscosity and low volatility of Breox 75 W 18000 makes it very suitable for high temperature lubrication.
- Breox 75 W 18000 finds extensive application in quenchants, metalworking fluids and water based hydraulic fluids formulations, demonstrating excellent shear stability and providing good lubricity to the finished fluids.
- Breox 75 W 18000 is soluble in water at temperatures below 75 °C.

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