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Synative AL 90/95 V

Chemical composition
Oleyl/cetyl alcohol based on vegetable raw materials

Synative AL 90/95 V consists of linear, predominantly unsaturated fatty alcohols and is produced by high pressure hydrogenation of fatty acids or their esters derived from vegetable oils and fats.
Synative AL 90/95 V shows good solubility in esters and mineral oils and has a high additive compatibility as well as foam reducing properties.
Synative AL 90/95 V also exhibits good low temperature properties.
Synative AL 90/95 V is suitable for use as/in:
Antifoam agents
Solubiliser (e. g. for metal working fluids)
Lubricants (e. g. drilling-, cutting- and rolling oils)
Lubricating greases
Synative AL 90/95 can be used as a component for emulsion concentrates, particularly for aluminium processing formulations and as a lubricant component for minimal-quantity lubrication.
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