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Synative RPE 1740

Chemical composition
Synative RPE 1740 is a non-ionic surfactant based on a block ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer

Synative RPE 1740 can be employed as lubricant in synthetic-metalworking fluids, mould-release agents and synthetic spin finishes.
Synative RPE 1740 can also be used as heat transfer fluid and hydraulic fluid, for example in the electronics industry in the production of printed circuit boards.
Synative RPE 1740 is an effective lubricant, especially at elevated temperatures, and is easy to wash off.
Synative RPE 1740 does not form tarry residues at high temperatures.
Synative RPE 1740 does not foam or, at worst is very low foaming.
It is insensitive to cations such as Ca2+, Mg2+ and other hardness ions, and does not react with soluble alkali salts or with polyanionic compounds.